Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fluoride-free Water Campaign for Halloween: Nifty Free Handouts

Halloween Campaign!
The Journal of Natural Food and Health is sponsoring a fluoride-free campaign to increase awareness and education on life-long health effects from fluoride exposures. We have produced very powerful fluoride-free handouts that are 4 x 5” and prints four to a page. The claims are backed up by a link to 500 references to studies and papers. The handouts can be given out during Halloween to trick-or-treaters or given at the door by the trick-or-treaters—or used at any time.

On a tube of fluoride toothpaste FDA warns if a pea-size amount in swallowed, call the Poison Control Center. This is the same amount of fluoride in just an 8-ounce glass of water. On other dental products, the FDA-required Drug Facts label tells us that its safety or effectiveness is unknown. Fluoridation of drinking water is mass medication, without informed consent, with no controlled dose, with no medical monitoring and without FDA approval. Fluoride is a drug, a potent neurotoxin. People have the right to know its side effects. Fluoride in drinking water is neither safe nor effective, and is not necessary.
Did you know the latest CDC comprehensive dental survey shows 41% of children have fluoride toxicity and damaged teeth (fluorosis) with white and brown spots from water fluoridation? In fact, the CDC and ADA warned six years ago that infants should not have fluoridated water, but they have never launched a public awareness program. How does fluoride damage the joints, the thyroid and the brain?
What can you do? Help educate others with the simple science and facts. Download hese nifty fluoride-free handouts; it’s safe, effective and necessary– it’s even free and fun! By participating you will receive two free eBooks on health and nutrition on Halloween (details below).

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