Friday, June 10, 2005

Ayurvedic Insight - Headaches

When you pop a painkiller to relieve a headache you are actually trying to quieten your body's distress signals instead of discovering and addressing the underlying imbalance.

The culprit is usually an imbalanced Vata-the most dominant and restless of the three doshas.

How Vata Headaches Happen

There are several factors that can cause Vata to go out of balance. Some of them are:
- Not sleeping well
- Not eating foods that nurture the brain
- Eating very dry or cold foods
- Eating leftovers or junk foods
- Keeping an irregular routine of meals and sleep
- Overexposure to cool, dry air
- Excessive reading, television watching or stressing at work
- Excessive air travel
- Not enough water

Before popping a painkiller, try drinking 2 glasses of water and wait 20 minutes, that usually does the trick.

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