Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ayurvedic Insight - Raisins

Raisins are dried grapes.

One of the star fruits in Indian cuisine, ripe brown raisins are found dotted about in rich milk puddings, ensconced inside sweet syrupy cheese balls called Gulabjamuns, and stirred into fragrant rice.

Ayurvedic Physicians say there is a reason why raisins are used so generously in Indian cooking from times immemorial. The ancient sages and rishis of India taught the people to weave the use of raisins and other healing foods into their everyday lives. This enabled them to eat healthy food without thinking of it as "medicinal." Just like education is very effective when combined with entertainment, healing foods also work best when you also enjoy their taste. Just so with raisins.

In Ayurveda, raisins are considered a highly beneficial food. Ayurveda scriptures say they have great medicinal value. Some aspects of the psycho-physiology where raisins work best:
  • The lungs: Raisins lubricate the body's channels-particularly the lungs. Therefore, people with less than robust respiratory systems find them very healing.
  • The brain: Raisins have a medhya effect, which supports the brain and nurtures it.
  • The mind: Taken in quantities and combinations recommended by a qualified ayurvedic practitioner, raisins can uplift and balance the emotions.
  • The throat: Raisins with milk or water can relieve thirst.
  • The bowel: Raisins soaked overnight and taken in the morning support bowel movements.
  • The womb: Women who want to get pregnant have been known to benefit by including raisins in their diet-raisins are considered bringhana foods, supportive of natural fertility.

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